The Waltham Public Library at Stonehurst

A collection of books to enjoy at the Estate or home

The library at Stonehurst is an outstanding collection of adult and children's library books available to all visitors of Stonehurst. Enjoy books on art, architecture, nature, event planning, works of fiction from authors who wrote during the time period and titles relevant to social justice, a topic close to the heart of the Robert Treat Paine family.

The library at Stonehurst is available on a first come basis; we appreciate you returning titles promptly for others to enjoy. Titles are searchable in the Minuteman Library Catalog, but you must visit Stonehurst to borrow them. Books may be returned to Stonehurst, the Waltham Public Library or any other Minuteman Library. 

1. Choose a book.
2. Fill out a form with the date, your library card number (or name and contact information) and the barcode on the book cover.
3. Enjoy the book at Stonehurst or take it home for three weeks.
4. Return the book to Stonehurst, the Waltham Public Library or any Minuteman Library. 




Hours of operation are the same as museum hours. 





The first and second floors of Stonehurst are wheelchair accessible and there are accessible parking spaces near the house. Please contact us if you have a special accommodation need.