Ghostbusters visit Stonehurst!

As you watch the new Ghostbusters III movie in the movie theatre next July, be sure to be on the lookout for Stonehurst, the stage set in several scenes.

Before Columbia Pictures came to town, we had been under the impression that the iconic interiors of Stonehurst would be unmistakable no matter the furnishings or camera angle.

Talented set designers completely transformed four rooms in the house to simulate senior staff offices and the alumni hall of Columbia University. Fitted with carefully selected furniture and drapery, the warm and welcoming house became grand and imposing.

If you remember, the first Ghostbusters movie began at Columbia, where Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis held faculty positions in the science department. When the eccentric parapsychologists lost their teaching positions, they joined together to start a business as Ghostbusters to catch evil spirits taking over Manhattan.

In the new film, Kristin Wiig plays Erin Gilbert, an author on the paranormal and professor at Columbia who is laughed out of her faculty position. A bust of Harold Ramus stands outside her office (filmed in one of the bedrooms here).

As far as we know, ghosts weren’t players in the scenes filmed in Stonehurst. Maybe we're in for a surprise!